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What is my mandate as a Confidence Coach?

To help you be Fully Yourself; anywhere, everywhere, anytime and all the time. Yes, I will explain. We do not notice how we, as society, train each other to be different shades or versions of ourselves based on where we are and what is happening? Why should you be a different you in the boardroom, home, at church, at a braai and so on and so forth? Many people find it daunting to choose which “you” they will be when alone.

People have booked Confidence Coaching (1 on 1 video sessions / 1 of the 8 Online Courses) for many reasons that they feel shows that their Confidence needs help. I will try point out the most common areas that people feel they needs to work on improving their Confidence.

  • Relationships – Not being what and how they want to be with their Lover.
  • Relationships – Not voicing out their preferences with Family, children and parents.
  • Career/business – Not brave enough
  • Dreams – I want to live my desires

Why am I mentioning this? The freedom I always share with those who seek Confidence Coaching, is; “You are already confident in many things. You will recognize your confidence and learn how to use it in all areas of your life”

Why don’t you value the fact that you are confident in?
  • Making a cup of tea.
  • Buying milk
  • Driving to work
  • Gardening
  • Cooking

Because, someone, somewhere decided that the measure of your Confidence is only applicable in “big” things. Yet, if you celebrate your Confidence, wherever it exists, you will be more open to learning this discovered Confidence.

I will unpack What I call The Confidence Flow, in the upcoming write ups. The Confidence Flow is evident, even in the “little” things you are confident in.

The Confident Flow:

In this order. What you know. What you think. What you feel. What you do. I think I should find an App that allows me talk, and it types. I’m a great speaker, yet my writing leaves a lot to be desired.

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