A complete and up-to-date online course information Catalog for Makhethi Speaks Life

Created to Create

Created to Create-makhethi speaks life

The thrill of discovering that you are born a Creator. Yes! You will explore all corners of this in this course. Too often, we neglect our creation power.

Meet Your Confidence

Meet Your Confidence-makhethi speaks life

Yep! This is the online course that allows you to truly meet, learn and appreciate your confidence. Every single person is confident in many things,

The Confidence Clinic

confidence Clinic_makhethi speaks life

This course is for people who feel that their confidence has been bruised or switched off, for some reason, that may be known or unknown.

Taste Your Solo

Taste Your Solo Adventure-Makhethi speaks life

The group think mentality has held too many people hostage. People are not free to explore themselves or their desires. You are busy navigating within

Where are you hiding

where are you hididng-Makhethi Speaks

Society has trained you to be different “Yous” to fit into different spaces. Now, you are not sure which “you” must you be when you are alone.

Freedom To Feel

Freedom To Feel_Makhethi Speaks life

Here is the course that will show you how to stop yourself from feeling your feelings. You know that default setting you find yourself running on

Your Purpose’ Your Ease

Your Purpose’ Your Ease_Makhethi speaks life

I am here to help you see that discovering your purpose doesn’t call for you to travel to a deep dark place. It is not hard and draining work.

Freedom To Do It scared

Freedom To Do. Doing it scared_Makhethi Speaks life

What perfectionism is : Striving or waiting to acquire the ideal situation, resources and environment to do what you want to do. What It does…