“How the brain works, this really fascinates me. Confidence Coaching = All about equipping you to be fully yourself, anywhere and everywhere. My mission is to Spread this freedom. We all have an area that we would like to improve confidence in; Starting a business, being in marriage, Meeting Strangers, voicing your ideas, adjusting to new environments, Role at work,and so much more. Which area would you like to improve confidence in?

Helping all human beings to recognise, meet and embrace their confidence. Helping all people to be fully themselves, anywhere and all the time. Spreading this freedom! What area do you need Confidence in right now?.”
–  Khethiwe Phakhathi Makhethi, PhD in Confidence-The Confidence Coach-Chancellor

Khethiwe “Makhethi” Phakathi, has been rightfully called an Advocate for Transformational Leadership. Her focus, experience, experimenting & coaching in confidence has injected a wealth of perception which is evident in her personal and professional life.

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In the last 5 years, she has chosen to focus her speaking and coaching on what her whole life has taught her. Confidence. Working with this topic, that is a great human concern, she has unearthed countless areas of confidence that are neglected or overlooked. Try it, communicate your area of concern and see yourself come alive, anew. You can book a free 10 min Is This For Me Session – just to have your questions about her offers answered. She has her life full of evidence for her PHD in Confidence.


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One on One Sessions

1 On 1 Coaching

People seek Confidence Coaching for various concerns that i do not cover in the Online Courses. Clients have come for Boardroom, corporate, parenting, changed environments, depression, land much more. We sit on video, from the comfort of wherever you choose to be, and have 60 minutes just for you and your confidence concern.

Group sessions

Most of these group sessions booking have been for Network Marketing teams and intimate events (Organizations or Companies) and we further have a session where you discover how to unleash the confidence that is ready to burst out of you. Yes, these group sessions might be topical that your group needs in an organization.

Stage Talks

I speak. Yes, I give exceptionally relatable stage talks, as the exceptional Speaker that I am. I have a long list of referrals that i am happy to give you , so that you hear of the results for yourself. I’m taking bookings all year round, book your date today.People must be able to book for all the services from our booking page or from the course page.



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